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M.F.A. Bennington College, Bennington, Vermont, Teaching Fellow, 2018
Alexander Technique Teaching Certificate, Balance Arts Center (AmSAT Certified), NYC, 2009
B.A. Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY, 2003
continuing education: countless classes and workshops in various somatic modalities, contemporary dance techniques, meditation, embodied singing, experiential anatomy…

Bennington College, Bennington, Vermont, Teaching Fellow, 2016 - 2018
Bennington College, Bennington, Vermont, Guest Faculty, Spring 2016
Balance Arts Center, NYC, Teacher Training Program Instructor, 2010-15, 2018-ongoing
Movement Research, NYC, Alexander Technique for Dancers, October - November 2014, November 2013, April 2012, March 2011 (weekly classes for professional dancers)
Playwrights Horizons Theater School at New York University / Tisch School of the Arts, NYC, Movement 1, September - October 2013 (bi-weekly classes for first year theater students)
Saint Margaret’s House, NYC, Alexander Technique for Seniors, September 2010 - June 2013 (weekly class at senior residence)

Voluminous Thinking / Altered States, SOAK Festival at CAVE in Brooklyn, NYC, June 2014
Voluminous Thinking / Altered States, On The Boards, Seattle WA, October 2013
Altered States, Freedom to Move: Conference on Dance and the Alexander Technique, NYC, May 2013
Alexander Technique for Wellness, General Theological Seminary, NYC, October 2012
Alexander Technique for Teen Actors, The Fieldston School, NYC, October-November 2010
Voluminous Thinking: Introduction to the Alexander Technique, American Dance Festival, Durham NC, July 2009
Rogue Alexander Technique workshop, SESSIONS, NY, June 2009
Floor Class, Freedom to Move: Conference on Dance and the Alexander Technique, NYC, May 2009
Moving with Somatics (subsitute teacher), Eugene Lang College at The New School School for Liberal Arts, NYC, 2014

Voluminous Thinking, CLASSCLASSCLASS, NYC, April 2009 (weekly classes)
Alexander Technique for Dancers, Movement Research, NYC, May-June 2010 (weekly classes)

MASS, choreography by Milka Djordjevich, American Realness Festival, New York, NY (2016); The Kitchen, New York, NY (2015); Show Box L.A., Los Angeles, CA (2015)
a quartet, choreography Heather Kravas, The Kitchen, NYC, 2014; On The Boards, Seattle WA, 2013
Kinetic Makeover, choreography Milka Djordjevich, The Chocolate Factory, NYC, 2013
THE GREEN SURROUND, choreography Heather Kravas, PS122, NYC, 2011

Movement Research Festival Fall 2014: M A T T E R I N G, Co-Curator with Daria Fain, in conversation with Shelley Senter (2014)
Rockbridge Artist Exchange, Co-Founder & Co-Artistic Director with Nancy Saylor (2009-13)
Movement Research Festival Spring 2007: Reverence (Irreverence), Co-Curator with Beth Gill, Erika Hand, Isabel Lewis (2007)
AUNTS, Co-Founder (2005); Co-Director (2005-06)

Gibney, bookoo (2015)
Mount Tremper Arts (2014)
Rockbridge Art Exchange (2013)
LEIMAY Fellow (2013-14)

an actual dance, SOAK Festival at CAVE, Brooklyn NY (15 min duet) 2014
Still Left On This Rock, Danspace Project, curated by Judy Hussie-Taylor, NYC (55 min trio) 2014
YALA, Danspace Project’s “Performing the Precarious” at Industry City, curated by Judy Hussie- Taylor (3 hour solo) 2013
Left On This Rock, TIMESHARE by AUNTS, Arts @ Rennaissance, Brooklyn, NY (3 hour trio) 2013
S.S., Contemporary Dancing at NADA, curated by Sam Gordon & Cafe Dancer, NYC (1 hour quartet) 2013
A Tour Thru The L.E.S., Contemporary Dancing at NADA, curated by Sam Gordon & Cafe Dancer, NYC (20 minute solo) 2013
Re-Veil, Not Festival, Greenspan Center, curated by Luis Lara Malvacias, Brooklyn NY (5 hour solo) 2011
Miracle Tear, “Dancing in Public” at Solar One, presented by Dance Films Association (1 hour trio) 2011
Holy Face, CATCH.45! at Abrons Arts Center Playhouse (5 minute duet) 2011
Veil of Veronica, Veronica Peoples Club, Brooklyn NY (4 hour sextet) 2011
Mouth End, Brink series at Dixon Place, curated by Michael Helland (30 minute trio with special guests) 2007
Colt, Food For Thought at Danspace Project, curated by Irene Hultman (10 minute trio) 2007
Horsey, Catch Takes Manhattan at LaMaMa Moves Festival (10 minute duet) 2007
Ok then let’s do this together now, Women’s Performance Festival at Brooklyn Arts Exchange, curated by Faye Driscoll (20 minute trio with video) 2007
Choir, Crossing Boundaries series at Dixon Place, curated by Marcia Monroe (30 minute solo with video) 2006
KILL!KILL! vs. 1.9, otherDANCE at Lobot Gallery in Oakland CA, curated by Biba Bell (15 minute duet) 2006
KILL!KILL! vs. 1.1, Body Blend series at Dixon Place, curated by Isabel Lewis (15 minute trio) 2006
Lesbian Alien Fantasy School - throughout Fall 2005 at AUNTS events (15 minute duet) 2005
Cleanliness is Next to Godliness and Ignorance Will Wreck Your Life, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY, May 2003 (15 minute quintet) 2003

Arena, direction Walter Dundervill, JACK, Brooklyn NY (2014)
Four Score, direction robbinschilds, OMI Institute, Ghent, NY (2014)
The Milky Way… Get your Orgone On, direction Walter Dundervill, Blakston Gallery, NYC (2013)
[untitled], direction Walter Dundervill, Movement Research Spring Festival at Arts @ Renaissance, NYC (2013)
LITTER, direction Walter Dundervill, NADA, NYC (2013)
COLOR PARADE, direction Walter Dundervill, RoofTop/GroundFloor, Roger Smith Hotel, NYC (2013)
ARENA, direction Walter Dundervill, New York Live Arts Studio Series, NYC (2013)
FEELingpleasuresatisfactioncelebrationholyFORM, choreography luciana achugar, Abrons Art Center, co-presented by the Chocolate Factory, NYC (2012)
The Ladies, direction Maria Hassabi, various locations, NYC (2011)
BEAU REGARD, choreography Susan Rethorst, a part of Susan Rethorst: Retro(intro)spective at Danspace Project, NYC (2011)
PORTABLE ARC (robbinschilds / Travis Boyer's MFT), direction robbinschilds, JF & Son Greenwich Village storefront, NYC (2011)
I am Saying Goodnight, choreography Amanda Loulaki, International Dance Festival, Sarajevo BiH (2010)
[untitled], choreography Heather Kravas, MR Spring Festival at Abrons Arts Center, NYC (2010)
GRASSLANDS, direction Kathy Westwater, Dixon Place's HOT Festival, NYC (2010)
PARK, direction Kathy Westwater, Dance Theater Workshop Studio Series, NYC; Fresh Kills Park, NYC (2010)
Imponderabilia, Marina Abramovic, Museum of Modern Art Marina Abramovic retrospective The Artist Is Present, NYC (duration: 3 months) (2010)
THE WAY (you make me feel), choreography Katy Pyle, Danspace Project, NYC (2010)
Sonya and Layla Go Camping, choreography robbinschilds, The Kitchen, NYC; Mount Tremper Arts, Phoenicia, NY (2009); The Images Festival, Toronto CAN (2010)
Really Intense Piece, choreography robbinschilds, Dixon Place, NYC (2009)
[untitled], choreography Heather Kravas, Dixon Place, NYC (2008)
Greater New York Smudge Cleanse, direction Jeanine Oleson, Federal Hall, NYC
iLAB 2008: Dead Horse Bay, direction Sarah White-Ayon, Jamaica Bay, Brooklyn NY (2008)
MOTHERSHIP, direction Jillian Pena, Dance Theater Workshop, NYC (2008)
Maynard/Modern Garage Movement, direction Jbird Leary, US West Coast tour, (duration: 6 weeks in 2006)
Seriously Heavy, choreography robbinschilds, Autumn Skate Bowl, Brooklyn NY (2006)
The People’s Mix, choreography Jmy Leary, otherDANCE at Lobot Gallery, Oakland California (2006)
Star Fiction, choreography Michael Helland, Joyce Soho 2006; Movement Research
at the Judson Church (2005)
the birds are here. I hear them., choreography Rebecca Davis, The Chocolate Factory, Long Island City, Queens (2005)
One, choreography Juliette Mapp, Danspace Project, NYC (2005)
For Sadie Lou on the Occasion of Her Seventy-Fifth, direction Anneke Hansen, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY, (2004)
Vic and Zeno Are Good Friends, choreography Sara Smith, Lady UrStival, Brooklyn NY; Brooklyn Museum "First Weekends", Brooklyn NY (2004)
As Yet, choreography Anneke Hansen, Danspace Project Draftworks Series, NYC; Dance Conversations at the Flea (2004)
It felt familiar sometimes, but not always, choreography Sara Smith, Ur, Brooklyn NY; HERE, NYC (2003)

JERK: a dance-positive action band (Rebecca Brooks, Eleanor Hullihan, Jillian Pena, Katy Pyle) (2008)
JERK: BEACHES, Danspace Project’s Food for Thought Series, NYC
JERK ON THE WOOD SONG, Monkeytown, Brooklyn NY
JERK ON HOLD ON: trio, Movement Research Spring Festival at Judson Church, NYC
JERK ON HOLD ON: duet, Catch! at Starr Street Projects, Brooklyn NY

Walter Dundervill, 2013-15
Heather Kravas, 2008-ongoing
robbinschilds, 2006-2014
Milka Djordjevich, 2013-15
Luciana achugar, 2011-12
Maria Hassabi, 2011-12
Susan Rethorst, 2011
Amanda Loulaki, 2010
Kathy Westwater, 2010
Marina Abramovic, 2009-10
Katy Pyle, 2009-10
JERK, 2008
Sarah White-Ayon, 2008
Jillian Pena, 2008
MGM/Modern Garage Movement, 2006
Jmy Leary, 2006
Michael Helland, 2005
Rebecca Davis, 2005
Juliette Mapp, 2005
Anneke Hansen, 2004
Sara Smith, 2003

Marina Abramovic The Artist Is Present
Creatures of Comfort Autumn/Winter 2012 Video Fashion Week