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Movement Research Spring Festival 2007: Reverence (Irreverence)
May 29 – June 7, 2007


Engaging in a practice of permissive exploration, we strove to develop various formats for critical exchange that are both intellectually rigorous and playful. This intuitive and open generation of ideas, coupled with the speed and intensity necessitated by a limited creation period, propelled us towards an approach of decentralization.

Not only did we as a Curation/Production group conceptualize and develop events, we also invited other artists to engage in the shaping of the festival. As a group we have nurtured a spirit of irreverence, and encouraged omni-directional experimentation throughout the festival’s framework. We offer a skeleton, a potentiality. We are excited to see where and how it will meet you.

With love, Rebecca Brooks, Beth Gill, Erika Hand and Isabel Lewis.