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Movement Research Festival Fall 2014: M A T T E R I N G
co-curated by Rebecca Brooks & Daria Faïn, in conversation with Shelley Senter

December 1-7 2014
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Movement Research's persistent support of poly-directional inquiry is unique in the ecosystem of contemporary dance, and we as curators have done our best to humbly investigate the potential of a festival developed in this context. Festival events include performances, workshops, and discussions. -RB

curatorial statement

"Person comes from persona, meaning actor's mask. Acting as contributing to the vastness of interdependence as it happens."

We are examining somatics broadly, including the study of the person, whose conditions compose and dissolve moment to moment, in relation to body, psyche and spirit. In this festival we offer opportunities to experience various modalities, with the intention of encompassing the individual person, as well as the social body and its various cultural histories.

We propose to contemplate the person's organism, and to look at everything that surrounds us as interdependent organisms: individuals, environment, histories and futures. We propose to free these organisms from a duality of self and other, rather allowing for cultural engagement that weaves together sociology, economics, philosophy, intellect, art, and spirituality within an ever transforming ecology.

We propose somatics as a path to activate interdependence as an agent for transformation, inviting us to live with impermanence: the body as portal.

We hope the festival invokes all elements of one's life, to question the relevance of our humanity, to ponder what this is all for. Of our lives and our practices, we are asking - how are we M A T T E R I N G ?