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The Alexander Technique begins with the premise that the human organism is perfectly designed for an expansive range of activities. It is our own habits that get in the way of this potential, and our own misuse often results in chronic pain, injury, excessive tension or otherwise inappropriate tone. Through the technique we learn to use our thinking and somatic awareness to undo habitual layers of use, and then make conscious choices that create more freedom of movement.

In my lessons and classes we explore using fundamental principles of the Alexander Technique to support and develop spatial and sensory awareness. Through gently guided movements, we unravel our habits and discover ease, flow, coordination, and direction. We develop a more accurate sense of our own anatomy. We experiment with how the process of mindfulness that the Alexander Technique offers can affect perception of time and space, self and other, being somewhere and going somewhere.

Study in the Alexander Technique may result in improved breathing, greater ease of movement, and a simultaneously more relaxed and focused mode of being.

Check out this very informative FAQ list from the AmSAT website.

Here is a fun and straightforward video recently produced by the American Society for the Alexander Technique: