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Alexander with Rebecca was an enormous help during pregnancy. I arrived at each session with a body that felt heavy, cramped, and, towards the end there, about to burst. And each time, Rebecca's intelligent touch guided me towards new ease and space. I was amazed by the possibilities she revealed to me.
-Ursula Eagly, dance artist

The Alexander Technique changed my life. Rebecca Brooks embodies the Alexander work. Her dedication to the principles of The Alexander Technique and her belief that every student is special makes her one of the best teachers with whom I have had the pleasure to work. I respect her teaching greatly and look forward to learning something fundamentally new in every lesson.
-Jay Alan Foote, professional musician

Working with Rebecca in private AT sessions has changed the way that I think about my body. After years of dance and somatic training, AT is opening up new possibilities. Our sessions reaffirm the sense of wonder I have regarding embodiment.
-Diana Crum, dance artist

Rebecca brings great sensitivity, patience, and care to her students. I leave each Alexander session with a deeper and more nuanced understanding of my body, my movements and balance. As a visual artist focussed on performance, the Alexander Technique has unlocked new possibilities in my work; with each step Rebecca guides me in articulating a more present sense of self.
-Jonathan Van Dyke, artist

and this, from writer and teacher Litia Perta:

I have been slow coming to words about what Rebecca does during her lessons because much of what happens in her presence lies much deeper than language, is so much subtler.

Over the eighteen months that I have been working with her, my awareness of my skeleton and musculature—the ways I hold, the ways I let go, the ways I brace against the world instead of flow with and through it—everything has entirely shifted. Now I hear her voice during my daily yoga practice gently reminding me: “free the neck,” “release the knees.”

If the way we learn to hold ourselves from a very young age involves our physical bodies as much as it does our emotional or experiential worlds, then learning to see the ways the body does more than it needs to do—and learning how to slowly release those patterns—operates on the emotional, spiritual and physical levels at once. This is what happens during Rebecca’s lessons. Whether it be in the intelligence of her touch gently guiding a release of breath from behind the heart, a demonstration of a diagram of the skull to show the shape of the tongue so that the back of it can release, or perhaps work on the table where the body is adjusted and aligned so that it can learn from experience what it feels like to actually let go—these are some of the powerful ways Rebecca is able to make a single hour with her feel absolutely transformative.

As someone who tends to think that if I just do more, things will work out, the space Rebecca builds offers a way for me to exhale, to experience how much energy and space is freed up when I do less, struggle less, strive less—and so how much more can actually happen. There are states I access during Rebecca’s lessons that were completely foreign to me before working with her: states of consciousness, of relaxation, and openness that are slowly making their ways into my daily life. The work is extraordinary and I am so grateful for it.

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